5 Ways to Save Money on Your Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Fall is almost here -- time to trade in your flip-flops and tank tops for boots and sweaters. A fall capsule wardrobe lets you build a versatile, fashionable wardrobe without spending a fortune. How can you go about building your own capsule wardrobe in order to stay within budget this fall?

Fall capsule wardrobe

What is A Capsule Wardrobe? 
A capsule wardrobe refers to a small, simple and functional collection of clothing that can be reused again and again to create new outfits to suit your needs. 

Building and maintaining a capsule wardrobe can help you stay on budget and may keep you loving your day-to-day outfits throughout the season. By determining your style and function needs ahead of time, you should be able to create a unique collection of pieces that won’t break the bank. Below is a step-by-step guide to helping you create your own budget-conscious capsule wardrobe for the fall season.

Step 1: Decide Your Style
This is the critical first step. Identify your needs and research your options. If you work in an office, five days a week, you may need to focus on dressier pieces that suit an office environment. Stay-at-home parents, meanwhile, will want to look for functional and comfortable clothing that can withstand the rigors of multiple washing. Decide which clothing staples you will need to build a capsule wardrobe foundation.

Research what is fashionable this season, and see how it fits in with your style needs. Try not to get too hung up on current styles and colors too much; choose the fashion trends that you like and that suit your lifestyle.

 Step 2: Go Through Your Closet
You might be amazed at what you can find in your own closet or chest of drawers, especially if your wardrobe hasn’t been cleaned out in a while. You may have pieces that you know you will wear again, or find clothes you forgot you owned that suddenly fit your needs perfectly. If for nothing else, it’s worth going through your current wardrobe in order to ‘clean house,’ find clothing you know you will not wear again and clear them out.

Step 3: Check Thrift Stores
The idea of secondhand stores might bring to mind images of decades-old clothes with mothballs stuck to them. However, thrift stores can be incredible gold mines of fashion. Remember that fashion trends tend to be cyclical; what was once the height of fashion may become trendy once again. 

Most importantly, thrift stores are affordable. With diligent shopping, you can buy clothes for pennies on the dollar. Keep in mind the staple pieces of clothing that you need to build your fall capsule wardrobe, and go hunting in local thrift stores for them. Chances are, you’ll find something exact or very similar to what you are looking for. 

Step 4: Organize a Clothing Swap
This is one of the easiest and most fun ways to update your wardrobe for the season. Make a few quick calls to friends, pick a night, and hold a clothing swap. The more people that attend, the more choices you have! Remember that almost everybody is looking to accomplish the same things you are, and a clothing swap helps to:

  • Clean out your closet
  • Get new (to you) clothing for your wardrobe
  • Save money

Step 5: Shop Fall Sales
If you absolutely must buy some pieces of your wardrobe brand new, such as shoes or undergarments, take some time to track fall sales. Most stores hold bargain events for back-to-school, or to clear out summer inventory that may fit your style needs. Take advantage of sales to purchase those items that simply can’t be found at a thrift store or amongst friends.

Keep yourself feeling and looking great this fall without sacrificing your budget. With a little forethought and planning, you can easily build a fun and fashionable wardrobe that will last you all season.

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