Big Picture Loans is a trusted online lender, serving consumers with credit scores from poor to fair. Our idea of “Better Choice. Better Lending” is central to how we approach our personal installment loan product.

$200 - $5,000

Loan Amount Range

12 Months

Loan Length 

160% - 699%

APR Range

The lowest Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is applicable for eligible returning customers if they qualify with the company's credit parameters. The APR Range for new customers is 250% - 699%.

The information above reflects rates and terms available through Big Picture Loans.
We know that each applicant has a unique credit situation, so we analyze all of the information provided and the applicant’s credit data to assess if that applicant meets our minimum loan criteria. We use multiple underwriting techniques including a risk model method called “Risk-Based Pricing” which allows us to offer different interest rates and loan terms based on the individual consumer’s creditworthiness.  Among other credit criteria, we may look at factors such as credit score, credit history and income.  We are an equal credit opportunity lender, so we do not consider factors such as race, color, national origin, religion, gender, marital status or age. If you are offered terms less favorable than other borrowers, based on any part of your credit history, we will provide you a Risk-Based Pricing notice. We will not approve a loan application if we cannot establish that you meet certain credit criteria.  For more information on Risk-Based Pricing you can visit the Federal Trade Commission website at https://www.ftc.gov.
Late Fees: If a scheduled payment is late more than ten (10) days after its due date, a consumer may incur a late charge not to exceed $20 per occurrence.
Example: A $1,000  loan, repayable in 26 bi-weekly installments, having an APR of 395%, would consist of 25 payments of $157.96, and a final payment of $159.15 if each of the scheduled payments are made in accordance with the Payment Schedule in the loan agreement.  Information valid as of July 2022.


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