Little Spending Sprees That Won’t Break Your Budget

Do you ever get tired of watching every penny and being stressed about money? If you’re financially savvy, focused on saving money, and sticking to a budget, sometimes that can just wear you out.
Ever wish you could go on a spending spree without worrying about the budget? We’ve all had that fantasy, but is it just a fantasy? Or is there a way you can treat yourself without breaking your budget?

Spending without breaking the your budget


Here are 7 ways you can treat yourself without busting your budget.

  1. Visit the world’s museums virtually. The internet is an amazing place with some pretty great information and content. Did you know that you can visit many museums around the world virtually? Just hit up your favorite search engine and search for “Museums around the world with virtual tours.” This type of trip is free and can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home. Imagine being transported to another country virtually. This can be a great break from TV or social media.

  2. Revamp your home. The worldwide pandemic has many people shuttered into their homes, and flaws in your home that you may have never noticed are now front and center. You start to think you need a total redo, but do you really need a total redo costing thousands of dollars? Perhaps not, don’t underestimate the power of paint and a little sweat equity on your part or moving your current furniture into a new configuration. Little changes can feel like a new space and can spruce up your place and maybe your mood.

  3. Wardrobe upgrade. Save up for a special piece of clothing. Something that can really make your wardrobe pop and that’s a classic piece, meaning it will last a very long time and always be in style. Perhaps it’s a cashmere sweater or a fabulous pair of shoes. Something you’ve always wanted but seemed too extravagant. Searching the internet for deals and sales can help you save some of your hard-earned money while allowing you to feel indulgent.

  4. Pamper your palette. When living on a budget, it’s easy to overlook the value of an indulgent meal. Do you have a favorite food or restaurant that just seems like it’s too expensive that you can’t justify the expense? It’s ok to allow yourself an occasional treat, identify ways in your budget to save money so that you can enjoy food or restaurant you simply love. Recognizing it won’t be a regular event, may make it feel extra special.

  5. Upgrade your bathtub experience. Yes, it sounds expensive. Bathroom upgrades can be very costly but there are ways you can upgrade your bathtub to get a spa-like experience. For about $100 you can attach a portable spa to the side of your tub that creates jets and bubbles. A simple internet search will provide numerous options for both purchasing online and in brick and mortar locations. For about $30, you may consider a bathtub pillow to support your back while enjoying a luxurious bath. Bath time can be much more comfortable and relaxing, taking a simple bath time to a spa-like bliss.

  6. Indulge your inner decorator. Furniture can be incredibly expensive unless you think outside the box. Looking for a new dresser or side table to spruce up your home? Used furniture stores or consignment stores can have great deals on furniture that you can upgrade on your own. Find a piece that’s a bit outdated and made of solid wood, then use your imagination of how to make this piece your own. Perhaps a splash of paint or distressing is exactly what would make that outdated piece look fabulous in your home. A simple internet search can guide you on how to paint or distress furniture, then let your creative flag fly.

  7. Go for a shopping spree at a thrift or consignment store. Many people enjoy the thrill of shopping or just finding a great deal. There may be some fantastic deals at these types of stores and they generally won’t be budget busters. Many people tire of their clothes and want to get rid of them. One person’s discard may be another’s gem. This may be a fun “treasure hunt” for a great deal.

Living on a budget and being frugal doesn’t have to be depressing. Allow yourself an occasional spending spree. It may make it easier to stick to your budget while still living your extravagant best.

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