15 Cheap Tailgating Tips This Football Season

Football season is almost here. That means it is time to hit the road and check out the latest tailgating fun. You don’t need to spend lots of money to enjoy some good tailgating fun. Here are 15 ways that you can save during your next tailgating event.

Tailgating Tips


Tailgating Tips This Football Season

    1. Get family size snack bags

      Usually, you can find some big savings when you buy family-size versions of items. Snack bags should be no exception. Instead of buying 5 or 6 small bags of items such as potato chips and pretzels, get the largest size that you can find. Doing this will allow you to have all the snacks you need for everyone at your tailgating event.

    2. Make the most of coupons

      Before you go shopping for your tailgating party, be sure to check out all the available coupons. You should be able to find coupons inside your supermarket’s weekly flyer. Also, you should download your supermarket’s app to collect digital coupons. Finally, check out several online sites that can help you find coupons. Here is a look at some of the top coupon sites online:


    3. Hit the thrift store

      One of the places that you may not consider is the thrift store when buying your tailgating gear. There is a chance that you can find lots of useful items such as portable chairs, tables, and storage containers. There might be a thrift store in your city or town that can provide you with some excellent discounts.

    4. See campus surplus sales

      Another place where you may want to look is the campus surplus store. There may be an excellent option if you are tailgating at a college game. A campus surplus store may have sales on several items such as portable tables, storage containers, chairs, tables, and more. A simple search on your favorite search engine for “Campus Surplus Store” will garner a variety of locations.

    5. Share items with friends

      If you and your friends are going tailgating, then perhaps you can find items that you can trade with each other. For instance, you may have some extra portable chairs while your friend has some additional coolers. Be sure to contact as many of your friends and see what can be swapped or shared.

    6. Stick to the basics when it comes to food

      When it comes to tailgating, you don’t need to get too complicated with food. Staying with simple food can save you time as well as money. Some of the best simple tailgating foods include snacks such as potato chips, pretzels, cookies, and candy bars. When it comes to meals, take a look at hot dogs, hamburgers, and chicken wings. The chances are that you should be able to find something that everyone can enjoy.

    7. Create your own fan gear

      Fan gear can get pricey. You can save some serious money by creating your own fan gear. All you need to get started are some markers, a poster board, and perhaps some glue. Be sure to look up some homemade fan gear ideas for your team. You and your family can spend an enjoyable afternoon creating fan gear that can get noticed.

    8. Buy chairs and tables before tailgating season starts

      If you are looking to buy tables and chairs for tailgating parties, be sure to make your purchase before the tailgating season starts. Buying items during the offseason may allow you to save some money.

    9. Park away from the stadium

      Parking near the football stadium may get expensive. You might consider parking away from the stadium. There are usually several independently owned parking lots near a football stadium. These places could be an excellent tailgating option while on a budget.

    10. Go to the dollar stores for party essentials

      One place where you can save some excellent money on your tailgating gear is at the local dollar store. Here’s a look at some of the items that you may be able to find at a low price:

      • Utensils
      • Napkins
      • Plates
      • Cups
      • Storage containers
      • Garbage bags

    11. Make your own games

      One of the more popular traditions at most tailgating events is playing games. Well, you do not need to buy these games at the store. You can make several games at home and potentially save some serious money. Here are some games that you can create at home.

      • Ring toss
      • Cornhole toss
      • Flip cup
      • Beer pong
      • Ladder toss

    12. Avoid buying anything at the stadium

      One thing that you will probably want to avoid is buying items at the stadium. Usually, items sold at a stadium are more expensive than at your local store. One way to avoid buying things at the stadium is to make sure that you have everything you need before leaving for the game.

    13. Go as a group

      Going to a tailgate party with another vehicle can allow you to pool your resources. For instance, if you go with a friend, you may only need to bring one cooler with you. You and your friend can also save on food and other items. You can potentially cut down your tailgating costs even more by going with a larger group of people.

    14. Cut down on the alcohol

      Many people like to bring beer to a tailgating event. But beer can be pricey. Consider the 1:1 rule: for every drink have water, beer-water-beer-water. Not only will it cut down your costs, but you will also be more hydrated and may even have a better time.

    15. Store any leftovers

      There is a chance that you may have some leftovers from the tailgating party. You don’t need to throw those out. Be sure to pack any leftover food into storage containers and place them in a cooler. You can use that food for lunch the next day.

Having the most fun before the big game

When tailgating season comes, be sure to have as much fun as you can cheering for your team while saving big. Be sure to try some of the tailgating savings tips listed above. You may be surprised at how far your money can go.

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