20 Date Night Ideas for Under $20

According to USA Today, the average date today costs over $100. If you are on a first date or want to save on date night, you may want to look for a way to cut down your costs.

The good news is that there are several date ideas that cost about $20. Fun and creative date nights can spice up any relationship. Best of all, these dates can create unforgettable experiences that money cannot buy.

Low Cost Date Night Ideas


20 Dates Nights for $20 or Less

  1. Go on a picnic
    A picnic is a casual, no-pressure way to enjoy a meal. Best of all, you can prepare something creative for less than $20. You can pack some great meals on a picnic date, including burrito bowls, sandwiches, or fajitas.
  2. Have a coffee date
    Sometimes the best dates are ones where there are not a lot of distractions. You can arrange for a coffee date at your favorite coffee shop. You should be able to get a couple of cups of gourmet coffee and a couple of croissants for less than $20.
  3. Visit a free show or festival
    Just about every city has some free show or festival. You can invite your date to the festival and use the $20 to get drinks and snacks during the event.
  4. Enter a fun run
    Many cities also have fun runs with low entry fees. If you and your date are athletic, then a fun run can be a great date that will make you both happy. You can use the $20 to buy snacks and drinks after the run.
  5. Watch a movie at home
    Thanks to all the great streaming services, you can discover many great movies or TV shows to watch. You can invite your date to watch their favorite TV show or movie. With the $20, you can prepare a dinner that you can both enjoy while watching a movie or TV show.
  6. Create a "cooking" date
    If you and your date are interested in cooking, you can have a cooking date. The $20 can be spent on the ingredients for the meal. You will be surprised how fun and creative a cooking date can be.
  7. Go on a scenic drive
    If you know a place in your city with lots to look at, you can take your date on a scenic drink. Perhaps you can stop at a place with a great view of the city. From there, you can grab some drinks and a snack.
  8. Go hiking
    Hiking is a fun date for someone who enjoys the outdoors. You can use the $20 to bring some food and drinks during the hike. Be sure to check out the weather before your date to avoid any rain or inclement conditions.
  9. Work on an art project together
    Are you or your date creative? Perhaps you can create a date where you work on some creative project. This project can include everything from painting to drawing to playing music together. The $20 can be used for art supplies.
  10. Play a board game, card game, or table game
    You can really get to know a person when you play a card game or a board game. Be sure that you both know how to play the game. This can create hours of enjoyment. Use $20 for light snacks for you both.
  11. Play a video game
    Is your date a gamer? Perhaps he or she would enjoy coming over to your place to play some games. You can use the $20 to buy some snacks and drinks while you enjoy playing your favorite games.
  12. Watch a sporting event on TV
    If your date is a fan of a specific team, then you can invite them over to watch the sporting event on TV. With the $20, you can prepare a meal or some snacks to enjoy during the game.
  13. Volunteer for a good cause
    Do you want to show your date that you care? A great way to win your date's heart is to volunteer for a good cause in your city for the afternoon. With the $20, you can get something inexpensive to eat afterward.
  14. Listen to an album together
    Perhaps your date is big into music. You can find out your date's favorite band or artist and invite them over to listen to an album or to watch a performance on your TV.
  15. Go stargazing
    Some of the most impressive sights are in the sky at night. If you live in a city with excellent nighttime visibility, then you can invite your date to split a bottle of wine while watching the stars at night.
  16. Do lunch date
    While dinner dates can be pricey, you can certainly arrange for a lunch date for less than $20. You can find a casual place that offers entrees for less than $7 and drinks for about $2.
  17. Go bowling
    Bowling can be a fun date that will not bust your wallet. The typical bowling game can cost about $5, with shoe rentals costing about $4 per pair. That leaves you enough left over for drinks.
  18. Play tennis, racquetball, basketball, volleyball at a public park
    Does your date like to play a specific sport? You can go down to the local public park and play a tennis, racquetball, basketball, or volleyball game. Afterward, you can use the $20 to buy some drinks and something to eat.
  19.  Visit a museum
    You may be able to find a museum that offers free admission and only asks for a donation. afterward, you can use some of the left-over money to grab something to drink together.
  1. Go on a dog walking date
    Show that you care about animals. If your date owns a dog and if you own a dog, then you can both arrange to go on a dog walking date. Afterward, you can offer your date a snack at someplace casual.

There are many date ideas for $20 or less. Be sure to try these creative, budget-friendly date ideas. You might impress your date and have a great time for less than you think.

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